Terms & Conditions of Edd’s Eco Bikes and Equipment Hire


These Terms and Conditions form part of the Agreement made between Edd’s Eco Bikes and the Hirer. Please read this information carefully before booking our products.


These terms and conditions apply between Edd’s Eco Bikes, (otherwise referred to hereafter as “We” or “Our”) and the lead person hiring, (referred to hereafter as “You” or “He/She”) and / or any other member(s) of your party and / or any other persons using our equipment. The use of the word “Equipment” refers to all items hired and includes cycles, helmets, locks and/or any other items owned by Edd’s Eco Bikes, whether on payment or otherwise. This agreement and the rights of the parties under it shall be governed by Jersey law.


Proof of identification may be requested when hiring Equipment, (e.g. a driving license, passport, photo I.D., etc.). We reserve the right not to hire to an individual.



Payment becomes due for the full period of bike hire immediately upon the bike/bikes being booked. Receipt of payment will confirm the reservation. A £100 credit card security deposit is also required for all bike hire, which will be taken at the point of hire and returned in full on the safe, undamaged return of the hired bike(s) and equipment. Card details are stored securely and are destroyed upon return of the equipment in a satisfactory condition Any repair costs will be deducted from the above deposit. Should these costs exceed the deposit you will be liable for the full amount.


Last minute:
Clients wishing to hire locally, without advance online booking, may hire a bike/bikes with a credit card payment. If wishing to pay by cash a £100 deposit per bike is required.


Definition of Day:
A day is defined as an 8 hour period generally commencing at 0900 and ceasing at 1700. These times may be varied by mutual agreement depending on the location of hire start / finish. Single day hires of over 8 hours are by agreement and may be subject to an extra charge.



Cancellation of a reservation by customer:
Cancellations up to 7 days prior to the first rental day: Full refund. Cancellations 7 days up to the first rental day: Option to reschedule booking free of charge, otherwise a full refund of 50% of the amount paid.
The cancellation period does not include the first rental day.


Cancellation by Edd’s Eco Bikes:
In the event of Edd’s Eco Bikes being unable to fulfil a pre-booked hire or part thereof every effort will be made to source replacement equipment or rearrange the hire for a different date. Should this not be possible a full refund will be given


Delivery Service:
Delivery and collection of hired cycles is £20 per booking delivery or collection. Alternatively, bikes can be collected from and delivered to Edd’s Eco Bikes, Alma House, Grande Route de St. Aubin, St. Helier, Jersey, JE2 3SG by arrangement.
Important: Cycles will only be delivered to / handed over to the person named on the rental contract, upon production of the identification set out above.


Rented Equipment:
Bicycles and equipment hired on a rental agreement remain the property of Edd’s Eco Bikes. The hirer is obliged to take good care of the bicycle(s) and equipment hired and to take all reasonable precautions to protect them from damage, loss or theft.


The hirer is responsible for immediately informing Edd’s Eco Bikes of any damage or loss sustained to or from the bicycle or equipment during the period of hire. This is particularly important in the case of damage likely to affect the safety of the cycle or equipment.


Upon return of the bicycle at the end of the rental period a representative of Edd’s Eco Bikes will examine the equipment and, if satisfied that there are no losses or damage, will sign to confirm the cancellation of the credit card security deposit. If for any reason a full inspection is not possible at the time of return the security deposit will be retained until such examination can be carried out.


Should any damage be sustained to the bicycle, components or equipment during the hire period, the hirer is responsible for the full replacement cost at current market price of the whole or part of the items so damaged. In selecting to confirm the reservation and signing this agreement the hirer is accepting that any damage found to the bicycle after return will be charged to his / her credit card. In such circumstances the hirer will be informed by email of details of the damage and amount charged.


Commencement of hire:
Each cycle is checked by a qualified cycle technician prior to every hire. By accepting the bicycle(s) the hirer accepts that they receive the bike in a good technical, safe and clean condition. The bicycles must be returned in the same condition in which they left the shop. The cycle will be hired with a fully charged battery. It is the responsibility of the hirer / rider to monitor and maintain sufficient charge to complete their journey.


Security of cycles and equipment:
When the hirer does not have the bicycle in view he is obliged to ensure that the bike is securely locked and it is recommended that the bicycle remains with the client wherever possible.


Important: all bicycles will be provided with a lock and the hirer is responsible for ensuring that the frame and front wheel are adequately secured to a solid object from which the lock cannot be removed when left unattended. You will be responsible for the full replacement cost of the bicycle, part thereof or any of our equipment, at current market price, if it is lost or stolen during the period of hire.


Equipment must be locked to a permanent fixture whenever it is left unattended. The method of securing should involve using the lock through the frame or structure of the Equipment, then to a permanent fixture, (e.g. a cycle rack or solid metal object). Theft of any inadequately secured Equipment will be the responsibility of You. The replacement costs will be deducted from the above deposit.


Battery care:
Batteries should be charged at room temperature for optimum performance and charging rate. Care must be taken to avoid damage to battery and frame when removing and replacing the battery and / or charger jack. Batteries must never be run completely flat as this can permanently damage the component. Damage can be traced by diagnostic software and replacement will be charged to the hirer at full retail cost.



Liability in case of accident:
Edd’s Eco Bikes does not provide any cover nor cannot accept any liability for potential liability to third parties (i.e. damage caused to others or their property). It is recommended that you take out insurance to cover such liability or ensure that your holiday (medical) insurance covers this. If in doubt, check with your insurance company.


It is recommended that you carry your insurance documentation and identification with you at all times whilst cycling. Edd’s Eco Bikes does not accept any liability for any damage or injury to the riders during the period of hire. Helmets are provided and Edd’s Eco Bikes recommends that they are worn at all times when cycling. It is the hirer’s own responsibility to ensure that they comply with the Jersey traffic laws and the Highway Code at all times.


The number of the emergency services 999. We recommend you take a mobile phone with you if possible. Edd’s Eco Bikes mobile number is 01534 736370.


Civil Responsibility and Limitations:
Riders of Edd’s Eco Bikes cycles are responsible for compliance with the Jersey traffic laws.
The hirer /rider is responsible for all damages that occur whether to himself or anyone else within the rental period. Edd’s Eco Bikes does not accept liability for any claims by third parties regarding accidents, wounds, blows or damages caused by the hirer nor to their property, or loss of objects for whatever reason outside of the control of Edd’s Eco Bikes.


This contract conforms to Jersey law. The hirer agrees that this contract is binding on his family, his heirs, his legal assigns and his administrators and executors. The place of jurisdiction/law applicable to this contract being that exclusively of Jersey.